Hello and welcome !

I am an illustrator and surface pattern designer from Finland. My passion is to create beauty and joy to all lovely things around us. Beauty is something we need to have for feeling comfort and leniency.

The illustration service as product groups postcards, wall calendars, gift bags, booklets, stickers and Christmas calendars have started since 2005, in the regions of Finland, Estonia and Scandinavia. 

I use the traditional visual art tools, watercolor paintings, and digital illustration. Listening to music is also part of every day of my work.

In creating beauty and joy I feel closer to the heaven and to my Creator :). It gives me plenty of joy and happiness when I can bring all these things to you.

 I hope these products also brings You a lot of joy.

As a kid, I was really sure I learned to fly :). Now as an adult designing and illustrating are flying for me.

Thank you so much!